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What is THE Universe of STUDIOKC?

Selfmade designs inspired by the 80s & 90s nerdculture, cartoons, comics and sports.
All with a juicy sauce of humor, sexiness and rock & roll.

No comprendo? Kung Fury explains everything:

no Bollocks

'No time for karaoke' me brothers, just step in the ring and work hard, play hard!
Made possible by the power of coffee
(and a little bit of Abdijbeer, Cuba Libre and friends).


The right technique for the right tournament


A designer is like a kung-fu master:
An awsome design is necessary not only to strike, but to K.O. the audience.
A design-fu master doesn't only has to have strength or a great body but also stamina and the right techniques to win the title. Furtherall the right discipline and experience to deliver the right expectations. Style and quickness, to make the right decisons in spilt of a second.


Creative concept
UI / UX design
Brand proposition
Logo & Identity design
Graphic design
Illustration & motion graphics
Shirt & merchandise design

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Presenting, loud and proud, the days of future past designs:

(Some serious butt kicking performance over here)

'Like the DESIGNS?'

Be socially responsible and take a pill...

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With special expression of support to

The meerkats for 'standing out' most of the time. He-Man for giving me the power of Grayskull. Mike Obiku for making the best goal ever in 1995. El-Aviva for the one and only 'kapsalon'. My basketball Squirrles for all those burned calories. Vanilla Ice for the classic 'To the Extreme' and the extra special thanks to:


Dolph Lundgren

as Ivan Drago


Ed O'Neill

as Al Bundy


Richard Dean Anderson

as Angus MacGyver

'Hit me back, just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan.'

Why so serious?

From the Rotterdam based mancave


Karol Chroscicki
The Netherlands
Design StudioKC